Employees have many financial concerns. Yet only half work with financial professionals. So they are increasingly looking to their employer for help. Employers who offer no assistance are missing out on productivity, retention and recruiting gains. Enter Votaire.

Votaire is a personalized and comprehensive financial planning platform that provides help to employees at all stages of their lives. Whether the person has questions about retirement income, life insurance, healthcare, investing, budgeting or debt management, Votaire can help.

For those considering retirement, it builds a sustainable income stream informed by a daily-updated picture of the person’s retirement and non-retirement portfolio. It does so while accounting for the specific healthcare expenses that person will incur, regardless of how they’ll get such care (their employer, the ACA or Medicare). Votaire will also monitor market returns and spending behavior, so employees can focus on their work, assured that their financial wellness is being addressed.

The best way to appreciate Votaire is to try it out. Please contact Conor McGuinness at conor.mcguinness@nyhart.com for a demo.