May, 2019: Two industry leaders have joined forces to deliver a first of its kind financial wellness solution for employers. The Foundation for Financial Wellness has teamed up with Votaire by Nyhart to tackle the need for both personalized financial training and education, live one-on-one counseling, and a first of its kind health and wealth benefits platform.

“We saw a need to deliver a comprehensive financial plan that covered an employee's whole economic life. This included how company benefits and personal financial decisions impacted the lives of those who were learning how to live financially well,” stated Brent Hines, CEO of The Foundation for Financial Wellness. “By partnering with Votaire, we can now offer our clients with actuarial level financial guidance on how things like life insurance, voluntary benefits, health savings accounts and retirement planning will actually be affected by what they are learning from our team.”

Votaire is a very unique platform. Lisa Hague, Co-Founder of Votaire said, “Votaire is a digital platform with a goal that mirrors the mission of Foundation. We believe that our ability to integrate corporate benefits, other supplemental benefits, health care status, and personalized guidance enables people to succeed financially. Votaire not only guides, but actually provides solutions to our participants, such as student loan assistance, retirement planning, and more.”

The need to create a more sophisticated wellness initiative in workplaces today is critical. Already, employers are looking to provide solutions and not just literacy. The combination of Votaire with the Foundation for Financial Wellness allows employers to evolve their financial wellness.

About the Foundation for Financial Wellness:

The Foundation for Financial Wellness is an educational nonprofit that provides financial wellness courses and counseling, empowering individuals to achieve their financial goals. As a 501(c)(3), it works with individuals and organizations, delivering courses and counseling to help increase financial health and well-being. The Foundation has been improving the overall well-being of people since 2012. You can learn more at the Foundation's website here.

About Votaire:

Votaire is a health & wealth benefits and financial accountability platform born out of pension and healthcare actuarial expertise. Votaire focuses on providing action plans to help participants on the road to financial wellness and connecting them to the solutions they need. Users are shown to have increased 401(k) deferrals, increase HSA contributions, and more. You can learn more about Votaire at